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Problems We Solve

Security product companies grapple with multiple challenges when it comes to Product engineering. Typical challenges are faster time to market, pivot faster, diverse skills requirements, Connector Development and Support. Sacumen has been at the forefront of working with Security product companies to address these challenges.

Connector Development

Strong experience across in building Connector life-cycle stages for more than 25+ categories of security products with well defined Connector frameworks, and templates

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Connector Support

The support services include bug fixing, L2 support and recertifying the connectors against one major upgrade of your product and one major upgrade of the target product.

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Product Engineering

Executing Product engineering initiatives such as New version development, QA automation, UI/UX, Management platform development, Mobile application development etc. using turn-key model.

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Compliance Engineering

Build, enhance and recertify the Compliance capabilities of the products with the required Compliance and Standards.

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Security Product Companies Trust Sacumen


Case Studies

SIEM integration

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Cloud Applications

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Cloud Storage

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Ticketing System

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Threat Intelligence

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Cloud Monitoring

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Endpoint Protection

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Incident Response

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Connector Factory Model

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Data Protection

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Cloud Security

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Secure Access

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Security Ratings

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Application Security

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Why Choose Us?

Connector Factory Model

30-45% cost savings by using our Connector Factory Model

Established Framework & Template

Expertise built Frameworks and Templates for various categories of Connectors

Lack of Standard Approach

Work with our clients to set-up a standardized approach for Connector Development

Unpredictable Costs & Timelines

Connector Factory Model offers predictability of timelines and cost

Partner Ecosystem

Partner ecosystem with 165+ Product Companies.

Divert Focus From Core IP

Extended engineering team to develop and maintain Connectors

Diverse Skills Set

The diverse skill set required for Connector Development catered

Upgrade of Connectors

The unique Connector Program Management Model addresses this point

Awards & Recognitions

E R&D Services Rating 2022

Our Customer Success Stories


We embarked on the journey of revamping how we build and support connectors. Sacumen helped us achieve this by building a connector as a service framework at a much faster pace, predictability, and good quality.

Leading Data Protection Platform

Sacumen’s specialization in Connectors development brought deeper know-how of the target systems and helped us build connectors meeting our requirements.

VP, Products
Cyber Security Ratings Company

Partnered with Sacumen to deliver multiple connectors in a very short time and were impressed by their delivery and commitment.

Senior Director Engineering
Leading Open Source IAM Company
Specialist in Connector Development | Product Engineering | Sacumen

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