Reflections on the Inaugural of our Office Of Joy

A Leaf from the Journal of a Sacumenite

It has been a month since we moved into our Office Of Joy. As we allow our new workspace to grow on us, vivid memories of our first day here and the celebration continue to linger.

Some of us were privy to the behind-the-stage work, which was underway since past few months. But, boy! The Operations and Special Projects team had indeed been working round-the-clock. The team worked hard to make our new office welcoming, warm and ready for our first steps. The excellent output was for us to experience and witness on the day of the inaugural ceremony.

The Ceremony

Not every day one receives the opportunity to bring together their work, home, and all the people in both lives. 21st of August, 2022, was one such rare day and a very dear one for all of us at Sacumen.

Meticulous planning had gone into detailing the rituals and informal celebration. Teams from across locations had been invited and so were our investors, clients, and vendors.

Shri. Ashwin D Gowda, Managing Director, Karnataka Skill Development Corporation, joined us as our esteemed Chief Guest. The entire team was looking forward to his presence and interaction.

Shri. Gowda joined our Founder and CEO, Nitesh Sinha, in lighting the ceremonial lamp, initiating us into our Office Of Joy with cutting of the ceremonial ribbon.

Children At Heart

What’s a celebration without hearty laughter, shaking a leg, and taking a go at games? Well, entertainment was the next pit stop on this joyous day. And we had the little ones who kept us all on our toes with their exuberant energy levels! Magic show, a fashion parade, and a good dose of sensorial activities with paints, made for a field day for those little guests.

And The Fun Began!

Sacumenites were not too far behind in having fun and merry-making. Some of our team members put up a hilarious skit. We know now that our team has some great amateur actors. We were all teased later with a fun Treasure Hunt. The DJ ensured that we were all on the dance floor as the day ended. What can I say… A team that dances together rocks together!

Endearing Gifts

We had our hearts full with the warm embrace our new office had offered us. Soaking in its welcoming overtones, we soon called it a day. We took back precious gifts presented to all of us by our organization, along with memories that will be cherished in our hearts always.

Ahoy to the Good Times!

All things ‘first’ have a special place in all our lives. So when we will recall our journey in times to come, the inaugural of our first Office Of Joy will always be a warm and happy nook in our hearts.
The tone has been set, and we have all been primed. So here’s to now partnering with Nitesh on our goal of 100% y-o-y growth through the next year and further.

Yours truly,
A die-hard Sacumenite.