Connector Support

Problem Statement

Security product companies continuously grapple with challenges to support and maintain the Connectors they have built or plan to build. Typical challenges are:

  • Access to the latest and various versions of the target applications
  • Recertifying the existing connectors against the new version upgrade of the target applications
  • Management overhead in tracking and managing the customer support issues
  • Team efforts and focus get diverted to support the connectors thereby impacting the various product engineering initiatives
  • Provide support for various time zones and in certain occasions support 24/7 model
  • Unpredictable cost and timelines


You can sign AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with us to support Connectors developed by us as well as Connectors developed by you. As part of AMC, we take care of :


Technical Support

Provide technical support for the support requests and defects related to the developed Connector as reported by you Or your customers through E-mail or ticket management system


Bug Fixing

Fix the bugs/defects in developed Connectors. Release the fixed Connector as per release management process



Re-certify the Connectors against one major upgrade of your product and one major upgrade of the target product


  • Helps you focus on your core activities
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Our extensive partner ecosystem ensures that the product licenses and API documentation are available as required
  • Makes your clients happy through prompt support and availability
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Higher resource flexibility
  • Cost optimization

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