SIEM  Integration

Built Certified Apps for more than 80% of SIEM’s in the Market


Framework and Templates:

  • Established a framework for SIEM application development for each SIEM products helps accelerate the development
  • Defined templates for Events and Field mapping helps to map to underlying model/format ( CIM, CEF, LEEF etc.)

SIEM products knowledge:

  • Trained team on various SIEM products help build certified apps in predictable and defined timelines
  • The proactive highlight of the limitations of the SIEM products helps to shape up SIEM apps in the correct manner


  • Dedicated Partnership with Leading SIEM Providers gives access to various versions of the product and accelerate the certification process


  • Roll-out of certified apps in less than 8 weeks in certain cases
  • Minimum Code coverage of 80% for our connectors

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