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Production support


Enhanced support services by meeting 100% SLAs and ensuring 24/7 coverage across all time zones.

Continuous monitoring and fixing any ETL discrepancies to ensure 100% data accuracy across all systems.


Improving response times when support teams are sitting in different time zones.

Sacumen Solution

Ensure 24/7 support for the customer’s ETL product with 100% of the SLAs being met.

Work on any SQL enhancements requirements to resolve ETL discrepancies.

Monitor AWS systems and jobs to highlight any disruption to the system and resolve such incidents at the earliest.

Provide 24/7 coverage and support to the Hunter’s team to manage their customer incidents related to their ETL system.

Ensure SLAs are met, and incidents are met with minimal disruption to their business.

Tech Stack:

  • SQL, Snowflake, AWS Cloud services
  • Log monitoring

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