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Configuration driven connectors enabled faster development of integrations and reduced the Time to market. This helped developers develop the integrations faster from 3 months to 3 weeks.

Marketplace enabled global access to the Connectors with better version management, increased brand awareness, grew partner ecosystem, increased number of integrations, and delighted customers


Incident and Event monitoring is a space getting crowded with many SIEM products and similar solutions.

The ease of configuration and use of the products is the only driver for customers opting for one SIEM versus another

No marketplace like some of the other SIEM products leading to a limited expansion of the product capabilities

Push is towards developing SOAR capabilities to enable one-stop solution for enabling proactive real time detection and response

Sacumen Solution

Enhance the Event Monitoring and data to build orchestration rules to perform evasive actions of specific threat or vulnerabilities.

Move from a monolithic architecture to a microservice architecture for the engine and integration components to enable a distributed cloud-based deployment leading to an effective cost value proposition.

Developed the Generic log collector and custom Data model mapper.

Developed the workflow engine with drag and drop widgets to create workflows as per requirement. These widgets perform one specific task individually and are configuration driven. New custom widgets can also be developed using the framework.

Developed a Marketplace to enable easy deployment of the integration microservice into a cloud environment of choice.

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