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Newer parser development and production roll-out timeline reduced from 4 weeks to 1 week

Number of new parsers roll-out increased to 125 in the year after the new parser framework roll-out, compared to 45 parsers roll-out before


Limited knowledge of the existing Parser Framework. A member who had developed the legacy parser framework had left the organization

Poor documentation

Limited features restricting usage to a couple of use cases.

Extra effort is needed to write custom parsers that can process the data coming out of the framework to make it useful.

Dependency on a human to perform certain tasks manually as well as manual intervention required during failures.

Lengthy cycle time for newer Connector’s release and high operational cost

Limited knowledge of support team in relation to these field-driven changes

Sacumen Solution

Developed an enterprise-scale multi-tenant Parser framework.

The framework collects all the regex patterns from the parser definition file, compares them with the incoming raw logs, sanitizes the logs, aggregates the sanitized logs, parses them, and pushes the parsed logs to the Kafka topic

Maintains its own queuing mechanism developed as per AMQP (0-9-1) specifications.

A pipeline architecture helps framework processing data efficiently .

The framework is deployed in a container, scalable, can work in the cluster and can easily be included in CI/CD pipeline.

The clusters can communicate with each other efficiently via a common communication medium that can be any storage service like SQL / NoSQL databases, Redis queues, etc.

Full Ownership for Upgrades, Patches, and Releases

Technologies: Python, Kafka

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