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Legacy Product Takeover


Owning and improving the product roadmap implementation improved CSAT by 20%

Setup a test automation framework that improved test coverage by 40%

Regularised release plans for the product to the loyal end customer base.

Tech debt reduction from 67% to 15% of the backlog.


Technical Debt of legacy product continuously increasing.

Unable to garner trained resources to deliver the end customer new features / enhancements

Legacy code and multiple tech stacks posing a challenge to keep product up to date.

Sacumen Solution

Our expertise in the CIAM domain enabled us to appreciate the feature set of the product and learning curve was short.

Our cross trained teams was easily able to work with multiple tech stacks to understand the legacy code.

The time tested focused and structured product learning process helped takeover all product feature implementations and upgrades in just 3 months.

Designed a custom automation framework using cypress to replace the legacy test suite and improve test coverage by 40%.

Tech stack: AngularJS, Python, Go Lang, Cypress, AWS

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