Customer and Background

Our Client is a leading data protection solution provider.

Security was one of the major concerns for the client and wanted to make sure his online service is tested thoroughly for all security parameters. Client engaged with us to undertake security testing services and also perform load and performance testing.


The product had large volumes of personal data and financial information uploaded by the user. Hence maintaining the integrity of the data and prevention of loss of data through the application was of critical importance. The key challenges were:

  • Identification of sensitive areas of application for security testing
  • Identification of maximum load for performance testing and benchmark setting

Technologies Stack

Jmeter 2.9 for Performance Testing, SQL Inject Me, XSS Me for Exploit Me, Acunetix WVS9 for Security Scan, Website Pulse Test for Server Monitoring

Our Solution

We provided Security and performance testing services which helps our client achieve maximum security protocols for its end users. We identified application functional requirements and carried out functional and non-functional testing. A test plan was created based on client requirements. We helped develop test cases for incorporation of new functionalities.

Key Highlights of the Engagement were:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Design high level test cases
  • Identified major User stories and verified during Non-functional testing
  • A comprehensive test case spreadsheet showed Fail/pass statistics for all test cases

Business Benefits

  • Improved Security:
    • Weak entry points identified and new rules for password were enforced
    • Security threats were fixed making website less prone to malicious attacks

    Improved Performance:

    • Early detection of bottle necks and uninterrupted system availability during peak loads

    Robust Application:

    • Enhancements were suggested such as Account lockouts which made application more robust

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