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Customer is a leading Personal Data Privacy and Protection provider.

It enables organizations to discover and map all types of data from all enterprise data sources automatically classify, correlate and catalog identity & entity data into profiles, manage and protect enterprise data with advanced data intelligence and automate data privacy and protection.

It identifies all PII across structured, unstructured, cloud & Big Data.


Customer requested to build a Connector app to integrate their platform with Salesforce to scan the cases and attachments present in the Salesforce connected app for finding the PII information.


Technology Solution

Salesforce provides customer-relationship management service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Sacumen developed the Connector app to integrate Salesforce App using C# 8.0 (.NET Core 3.0). The Connector app performs the following actions:

Creates a Connector app in Salesforce organization.

Authenticates the Connector app user via OAuth2.0 using username-password flow.

Gets the access token to make authenticated REST API calls.

Retrieves the cases and attachments details from the Salesforce app.

Samples the fetched data using predefined sampling techniques.

Formats the received data in the required format and pass it to the customer.

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