Customer is a leading CASB Solution Provider.

The CASB solution provider delivers cloud visibility, security and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises.

Customer requested the development of Splunk Add-on and App to integrate with its CASB platform.

Technology Solution


  • Sacumen developed the Splunk Add-on to ingest the events logs data in Syslog format
  • Around 20 log events are supported by the add-on.
  • Support for CIM 4.0


  • Sacumen developed the Splunk app containing 1 Dashboard which consists of 10 items. Splunk app fires the Splunk Search Query against the indexed data (data ingested into Splunk by the Splunk Add-on) and build the items in the Dashboard.

Both Splunk App and Add-on support Splunk Enterprise (version 7.3)


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