Built certified apps/plugins for 35+ DevOps products across the DevOps cycle

Problem statement


  • Integrating security into the DevOps cycle has been one of the top challenges
  • Security product companies offer varied solutions that would need to be integrated with DevOps products to bring greater value to the end customers
  • Hence the need arises to build certified app/plugin/connectors with DevOps products across the DevOps cycle.


  • Sacumen specializes in building certified apps/plugins with DevOps products for Security product companies .
  • We have experience and knowledge in building app/plugins with 35+ DevOps products across the DevOps cycle.
  • We have implemented various Use cases such as
    • Static code scan, DAST, Container image scan, IaC(Infrastructure as code) templates scan, Vulnerability scan integrated in existing CI pipeline, Vulnerability management
    • Scan during Pull Request, Security operations during pipeline execution and workflows, Ticket creation, Artifactory scan, scan reports ingestion, Monitoring, Log Management, etc.

Sample DevOps Connector list

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