Zinnov Zones for Engineering R&D Services 2021

Zinnov Zones 2021

Sacumen ranked in the Execution Zone for Software Cybersecurity services in the Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services 2021 ratings, on its Debut

Zinnov positions Sacumen amongst the top players in ‘Zinnov Zones for Engineering R&D Services 2021’ Report

Sacumen ranked in the Execution Zone for Software Cybersecurity services in the Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services 2021 ratings. Zinnov a Consulting, Research and Advisory firm, in its annual Zinnov Zones Engineering Research and Development (ER&D) Services Report. This year’s report assesses 50 global service providers

Zinnov Zones for Engineering R&D Services: Software Cybersecurity Ratings

Sacumen is secured places in the following categories:

Software Cybersecurity

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E R&D Services – Overall

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Small and Medium Service providers

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Enterprise Software

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Sidhant Rastogi,

Managing Partner, Zinnov

“Sacumen specializes in building connectors for security product companies. Their razor-sharp focus on working only with Cybersecurity product companies has translated into significant wins with big product companies including a Fortune Top 10 company. Its ability to work across the product development life cycle (PDLC), covering Connectors development, new version development, Management Platform Development, etc., made Sacumen stand out in our ER&D Zinnov Zones assessment this year.”

Nitesh Sinha,

CEO & Founder of Sacumen

“We are proud to be ranked in Execution Zone for Software Cybersecurity among top Cybersecurity services providers in Zinnov zones 2021 ER&D Services assessment. This rating is testimony to our focused efforts in working with Cyber security product companies in solving the problem of developing and supporting Connectors (aka. Third Party integrations) as well as product engineering. Sacumen has been at the forefront to help Cyber security product companies provide greater value to their customers. This would not have been possible without my fantastic team.”

Zinnov Zones for ER&D services is an annual rating from global management consulting firm Zinnov which caters to ER&D service providers and helps understand ongoing transformation resulting from changing priorities and align market positioning accordingly. The report has an enhanced focus on digital engineering and covers areas such as ER&D spending, vertical-focused digital engineering spending and capabilities, and the market addressed by service providers.

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