No Road is too Long with Sacumen – A Place of Growth and Innovation – By Pranav

Reading books and binge-watching Marvel are a few of my favourite ways to unwind after a hard day. But, spending some quiet time where the ocean meets sand is such a priceless experience. And now, thanks to Sacumen, I’ll soon be spending a lovely vacation by the sea. I was recently honoured with the “Player of the Series” award for my performance in the previous quarter of this year. This all-paid holiday is a reward I will never forget.

As Napoleon Hill once said — “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” I realized this, very quickly, in my brief one-year tenure with Sacumen. Each day has been more of a learning experience than a race to complete my tasks. The growth in just a few months has been remarkable, both personally and professionally.

The company culture is inclusive and collaborative. I can reach out to anyone for any support, anytime. The team at Sacumen has been super-supportive towards improving my skills and helping me become a better professional. Sometimes remote work does come in the way of feeling completely connected with folks at work. But soon we will be back in office, for a few days a week, meeting colleagues and making new friends.

Close Encounter with Leadership

Despite having worked from the office in my previous organization, I had no opportunity to meet the senior leaders. It is definitely not the same here. I have come to know our CEO, Nitesh, up close and personal, as a leader extraordinaire and a role model. An open, accessible, and inspiring leader, he is always there to guide us through any problem. All of us are inspired to see ourselves as true warriors and to lead by example. And that gives me a real kick in all the work I do.

Limitless Learning

It is always a great idea to add on to one’s skill set, and I love exploring new interests online. My keenness to learn and be versatile has been a key enabler through my career. Occasionally hitting pause to set aggressive goals helps boost my productivity. The additional investment that Sacumen makes in my upskilling is the icing on the cake. And the daily Skype calls with the team keeps each one of us abreast of any new challenges. This helps me to continually test my potential by putting in my best, without constraint.

We Rise by Lifting Others

I have chosen to work from home for now. And while it can sometimes come in the way of connecting with my team, I find the communication structure helps diminish any gaps created by remote working. Even though I have met less than half my team members, aligning to project objectives has been quite effortless. I joined Sacumen as a Junior Developer and the last twelve months have been extra special because of the continual support of my team and the management. Having risen to the position of Senior Developer in such a short span, is validation of my belief that performance and hard work will always receive its due at Sacumen.

Now, before I wrap up...

I consider my virtual workspace to be my “Office of Joy” because that’s where I participate in the numerous events our wonderful teams put on. I was always clear on my goal and purpose. With Sacumen’s growth orientation and collaborative culture, I have progressed swiftly.

“It’s not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better”, said Tony Stark, Captain America: Civil War. That is what we have set out to do at Sacumen. And that is my wake-up call every morning!