Problem Statement

  • A huge number of Security product companies look to intend their product(s) with various AWS services.
  • Through these integrations they intend to provide greater visibility, workflows, automation and control of AWS environment thereby providing aggregate view of overall security and compliance posture
  • Hence the need arises to build plugin/connectors with varied AWS services

Solution Overview

Strong experience in building Plugins/Connectors with various AWS services

The connector lifecycle has involved activities such as Data Collecting, Parsing, Events Mapping, Events generation, Correlating, Creating Dashboards, Orchestration flows, Load testing etc.

Leveraged various integration mechanisms such as AWS SDK, REST APIs, S3 Bucket fetching, Messaging ( SQS, SNS, MQ) etc.

Use Cases

Some of the top Use cases are as follows:

  • Monitoring activities performed on various AWS services through CloudWatch/CloudTrail integrations
  • Assess security alerts and security posture across AWS accounts
  • Detect malicious activity and behavior to protect AWS accounts and workloads
  • Investigate user behavior patterns through correlation of data across various services such as IAM, Database, applications, VPC
  • Integrate with DevOps pipeline
  • Record and evaluate configurations of your AWS resources
  • Track modifications made to the resources that belong to an AWS account
  • Monitor key metrics w.r.t performance, security, memory, storage, CPU, system overview, network transmit, throughput, API usage etc.

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