We do not certify Cyber security products. We build Compliance capabilities within Cyber security products.

Do not limit your product to just manage and report security issues in client environments.

Add compliance capabilities within your product to help your customers understand how your products help them in various Compliance and Standards.

What we do

Compliance Engineering

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Product Capabilities

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Product Compliance Engineering

Built Compliance capabilities into our client’s product to ensure that the product performs review of IT infrastructure components and depict the Compliance status according to in-scope Regulatory Standards.

IT Infrastructure components: Firewalls (Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, CheckPoint, Operating Systems (Windows) and Cloud platforms (AWS).

Regulatory Standards: ISO, PCI DSS, HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, CIS Benchmark, SOX, DISA STIG, NIST.


Unified Compliance Engineering Framework

Leveraged Sacumen’s unique UCEF framework (that contains unique statements compiling all the requirements of in-scope regulatory standards) to fast-track compliance mapping.


Compliance Visualization

A digital dashboard is built for security products to visualize the compliance status of domains, which is assessed by the product.


Zero Trust Assessment

Performed assessment and created roadmap to build zero trust capabilities in Cyber security product using zero trust architecture.


Compliance Recertification

Built a Compliance Recertification program to track product changes as well as regulatory changes and created a roadmap to update the compliance capabilities in the product.


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