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Connector as a Service (CaaS)

  • Cloud-based platform that picks data from your system(s) and integrate with multiple target systems.
  • These target systems could be present on Cloud, On-premise, or both. Integrates with target systems in areas such as SIEM, Ticketing systems, GRC, IAM, Incident Response, SOAR, Endpoint protection etc.
  • The connector development framework is designed to scale. The modular approach accelerates the new Connector development thereby reducing the time to market and cost

Data Collector as a Service (DaaS)

  • Cloud-based containerized middleware and common software services for the development and management, on top of a common integration layer that gives an open, faster and more secure way
  • Fetches both Structured and Non-structured data from networks, clouds, remote file servers, endpoints, RDBMS, SQL, etc.
  • Reduce development time for new Collectors up to 40 percent and operational expenses up to 60 percent

Sacumen at a glance

Sacumen specializes in working with Security Product Companies. We are working with 50+ Security Product Companies in the areas of Connector Development, Connector Support, and Product Engineering.

We have built more than 700+ Connectors in areas of SIEM, Identity and Access Management, Ticketing Systems, Incident Response, Cloud Applications, Cloud Monitoring, Threat Intelligence Feed, Endpoint Security, Source Data Collection, Authentication etc.


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