Data Collector as a Service

Prebuilt 55+ Connectors and comes out of box

Problem Statement


The majority of the Security Product Companies grapple with the need to build Collectors to collect data from varied Source systems. Their solutions are built on getting data from these Source systems and applying their secret sauce ( aka. IP or next-generation solution!) to solve customer security challenges.

Data Collection becomes the “necessary-evil”!

Source systems could store both structured and unstructured data. Further complexities are added in terms of the varied options offered by Source systems such as : 

  • Interfaces available to integrate ( REST API, SOAP, SFTP, Message Queue, SNMP, SDKs, etc.)
  • Data types (JSON, Syslog, File system, XML, etc.)
  • Authentication and Authorization options ( OAuth, API Token, Username/Password, OTP, MFA, SAML, etc.)
  • Rate limit, Pagination, Latency, Concurrency
  • Data volume

Security Product Companies end up writing customized, non-standardized Collectors for these Source systems. This leads not only to increased development and support cost but also less efficient Collectors in terms of performance, scalability, and extensibility.

Solution Overview


Sacumen’s Data Collector as a Service ( DaaS) exactly addresses those challenges mentioned above!

DaaS is a Cloud-based containerized software solution that gives our customers an open, faster and more secure way to fetch data ( both Structured and Non-structured data) from varied Source systems and feed into their platform.

Each DaaS includes containerized middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time for new Collectors up to 40 percent and operational expenses up to 60 percent.


DaaS sample Connector list & Architecture

Solution Components

Data Collector

Make a call to the Source system to retrieve the structured/unstructured data after completing the authentication with the Source system

Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager handles authentication with Source systems using various options such as OAuth, API Token, Username/Password, OTP

Data Filter

Applies filter and sampling set by the customer to retrieve specific data

Data Parser

Parses the incoming data in various data types such as JSON, Syslog, XML etc.

Field Mapper

Maps to the specific fields of the Target system

Data Gateway

Data Gateway acts as an abstraction layer and consolidation engine for both invocation of, and retrieval of data, from various cloud endpoints.


  • Support for both Structured and Unstructured data
  • High data volume management
  • Support for Multiple data types coming from Source systems
  • Multiple authentication options supported
  • Modular approach accelerates New Collector development
  • Support for multiple interfaces exposed by Source systems
  • Scalable

DaaS Benefits

End to end management of Data Collector development process (development to support) gives a greater peace of mind

Sacumen at a glance

Sacumen specializes in working with Security Product Companies. We are working with 50+ Security Product Companies such as Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Varonis, AlienVault, IBM, CA Technologies, ThreatConnect, SecurityScorecard, ForgeRock, Code42, Flashpoint etc in the areas of Connector Development, Connector Support and Product Engineering.

We have built 750+ Connectors in the areas of SIEM, DevOps, IAM, Ticketing Systems, Incident Response, Cloud Applications, Cloud Monitoring, Threat Intelligence Feed, Endpoint Security, Cloud Storage, GRC, Vulnerability Management, Authentication, etc.


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