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Problem Statement

Security Product Companies have huge need to build Connectors with third party applications. This need is driven by multiple factors such as Customer requirement, enhance product capabilities etc.

Target systems can be present on Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid environment.

Complexities are added in terms of the varied options offered by Target systems such as :

  • Interfaces available to integrate ( REST API, SOAP, SFTP, Message Queue, SNMP, SDKs etc.)
  • Data types (JSON, Syslog, File system, XML, etc.)
  • Authentication and Authorization options ( OAuth, API Token, Username/Password, OTP, MFA, SAML, etc.)
  • Rate limit, Pagination, Latency, Concurrency
  • Data volume

Security Product Companies end up writing customized, non-standardized Connectors for these Target systems. This leads not only to increased development and support cost but also less efficient Connectors in terms of performance, scalability and extensibility.

Solution Overview

Sacumen’s Connector as a Service ( CaaS) exactly addresses those challenges mentioned above.

CaaS is a Cloud-based containerized software solution that gives our customers an open, faster and more secure way to fetch data from their system(s) and send to varied target systems.

Each CaaS includes containerized middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time for new Connector up to 40 percent and operational expenses up to 60 percent.


Solution Components

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